Is China an Allure for the European Left?

China seems to manage two antagonistic sides: authoritarian leadership communist party style and western free markets. Improving living standards of it’s people and undergoing a kind of industrial revolution in historical light speed it baffles all traditional political sides in the west. Could this – on first sight – astounding symbiosis be a model for the European left? This left never stopped hating capitalism (today ‘Klassenhass‘ is replaced by similar ‘Konzernhass‘) but could not avoid accepting the victory of markets, entrepreneurship, at least freedom and democracy over their etatistic left ideologies based on lofty questionable assumptions of 19th century ideologies. […]

Krugman destroying an icon – himself.

Where does Krugman’s lust come from, destroying Paul Ryan? An Unserious Man (August 19, 2012) Is Ryan such a weak intellectual as Krugman suggests? Because there are only few serious intellectuals in politics, Ryan seems to be a fine butt for a cynic Krugman who must be thankful for him as comedians were thankful for George W. Bush. But this could become a boomerang for Krugman himself. Krugman – as a good human animal – has sensible instincts. He has found in Ryan a counterpart who shines with deep understanding of urgent generational tasks like the decline of social […]

Success Rejected

A 20-Year Low in U.S. Carbon Emissions By Rachel Nuwer in the NYT August 19, 2012 ( ) Good news about America’s use of hydrocarbon energy and CO2 emissions, as well as the economy! “Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States from January through March were the lowest of any recorded for the first quarter of the year since 1992… [due to] a combination of three factors: a mild winter, reduced demand for gasoline and, most significantly, a drop in coal-fired electricity generation because of historically low natural gas prices.” Why, then—as presented here—is Michael Mann, a leading […]

Innenminister Friedrich rät Griechen zum Euro-Ausstieg / Minister of the Interior Friedrich advises Greeks to leave the Euro Zone

Innenminister Friedrich rät Griechen zum Euro-Ausstieg / Minister of the Interior Friedrich advises Greeks to leave the Euro Zone Finally leading etatists reveal what’s really going on in political back rooms: 1. First secure own banks then screw Greece That’s what the financial community had envisaged a long time. Powerful states like France and Germany would first save their banks and then put pressure on Greece to leave the Euro zone. Will they succeed even after such heartbreaking holy oaths on Europe? Wait and see! 2. Bail out funds Germany’s government pledged not to enhance the bailout fonds of 500 bn Euro anymore (didn’t […]